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Lilac BLC Clinic
Fat graft for breasts

Lilac BLC Clinic

About Lilac BLC Clinic
Sung, Ki Su (성기수, 成箕秀) MD FICS The doctor nominated above is a director-in-chief of Lilac BLC clinic and has been worked & studied for liposuction, fat grafting surgeries and stem cell treatments since 2002. His specialities are liposuction and body-sculpturing surgeries, autologous fat graft for face, breasts and various other body areas, treatments and control of obesity, body-line contouring, and stem cell treatments for anti-aging. As earlier specialist for fat surgery in Korea he had been opened many live seminars, lectures, and hands-on educations for doctors in Korea and many Asian countries. As he worked and endeavored for fat surgery and stem-cell treatments for many years, it will be good opportunities when you get consultations with him for help and happiness of many people.
Lilac BLC Clinic

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