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The New Face of Botox

Ten years ago, Botox brought to mind the 40-something blond bombshell who couldn’t move a muscle on her face. Since then Botox has earned a decidedly different image. Not only are younger women actively anti-aging with injections, but the trend has expanded to include our male counterparts.

Today Botox is one of several neurotoxins available on the market, including Dysport (Medicis) and Xeomin (Merz). Aesthetic neurotoxins are used to safely and selectively weaken facial muscles that cause wrinkles on the forehead, between the brows and in the crow’s feet area. As a result of anatomical research and technique advancements, treatment with neurotoxins today provides natural-looking results with subtle movement.  The general consensus is that patients are overwhelmingly happy to say goodbye to the frozen faces of the previous decade.

Under 30

In a recent News Channel 5 story, Dr. Greg DeLange told reporter Katie Johnson that it’s not uncommon for younger women to have wrinkles before they hit their third decade of life. “They will form frown lines, they’ll form little crow’s feet and little forehead lines. Some women have a lot and some women don’t have any. The ones that are bothered by it come in early,” he told the news source.

But it’s broader in scope than even that. Beyond those who may be prone to forming early wrinkles, the trend today is to prevent those lines before they have a chance to set in permanently. Relaxing the frown lines, brow or crow’s feet can stave off those otherwise inevitable wrinkles that most of us can expect to show up otherwise in our 30s and 40s.

Taming the Tough Guy

The year has generated a lot of buzz around “Brotox” or “Boytox,” with the Society of Plastic Surgeons reporting a 258% increase since 2001 in men who get neurotoxin injections. Motivating the trend is the general knowledge that a more youthful and rested appearance is associated with revenue generation, whether that’s getting a job or being promoted to a higher level. Fast and effective, it’s no surprise that this non-surgical method for turning back the clock is on the uptake, as men generally have little patience for downtime and any tell-tale signs of having work done. Bruising is rare, but to avoid the risk of injection site bruising, experts advise patients not to use fish oil, Gingko Biloba, alcohol, or Aspirin, Advil, Aleve, Motrin and Ibuprofen for 10 days before your scheduled treatment.