Blood and Youth: The Makings of the Vampire Facelift

vampireAt first blush, using the term “Vampire” to describe a facelifting technique seems like a pretty obvious marketing ploy to get our attention. After all, so-called vampire “culture” has boomed in recent years, especially when it come to cable television, Hollywood blockbusters, and the reading collection at your local library. However, it may come as a surprise to learn that the “Vampire Facelift” is actually very appropriately named. It uses blood to create a youthful countenance.

Vampires aside, the whole idea of using your own blood to make your face look younger may seem itself a strange or even unbelievable prospect. At least until you understand that the technique is widely used across medical specialties. They don’t relate it to blood-sucking monsters; they simply call it platelet therapy or PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injections, and it’s frequently used to treat osteoarthritis of the joints, including shoulders, knees and hips, as well as sport overuse injuries to the knee, elbow, ankle or rotator cuff. Experts will tell you, this is a safe treatment. It’s safe because it’s a technique that uses your own blood, and what could be better than an all-natural solution to restoring a more youthful face?

The Vampire Facelift was coined by Dr. Charles Runels, a Mobile, Ala.-based physician who specializes in treating the appearance of the aging face. If you’ve noticed a change in texture, color or skin laxity, this treatment may be just what the doctor ordered. By drawing about 2 teaspoons of your blood, isolating the platelets and reinjecting those into specific places on the face, you can expect an increase in collagen and new blood flow over time, which rejuvenate and repair the skin for a younger looking face.

Is the Vampire Facelift right for you? Some patients may have better results with surgery or a combination of injectables, so only a qualified doctor can help you answer that question. Are you ready? Find a Doctor today!

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